Black sandy beaches, gorges, waterfalls and ice as far as the eye can see: Hardly any other country is currently as popular with travelers as Iceland. And with good reason: the small island in the Norwegian Sea has a lot to offer when it comes to adventure. The bloggers from Off The Path show you the most beautiful highlights of Iceland.

We are on Iceland, the small island in the Norwegian Sea, and yet we sometimes feel like we are on another planet. On a trip you can look forward to diverse landscapes, some of which seem more than unreal. Where else do floating icebergs and whimsical rock formations meet hot springs and bubbling swamps?

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Travel planning: The best tips before you set off

A trip to Iceland is a good idea all year round. The volcanic island is just below the Arctic Circle, but its climate is influenced by the mild Gulf Stream. This means that in winter there are only rarely minus degrees, but it never really gets warm in summer with maximum temperatures of around 14 degrees. As you are likely to spend most of your Iceland trip outdoors, the best time to travel is in summer. From June to August it is not only the warmest, it also does not rain as much as in the other months.

Of course, the easiest way to get to the second largest island state in Europe is by plane. If you have a little more time, you can also take the ferry to Iceland. For this, it takes several days from Denmark to the land of volcanoes. A crossing is particularly useful if you want to make a short stopover in the Faroe Islands.

Iceland's landscape on approach
You get goosebumps as soon as you approach Iceland, the landscape is so impressive!

Since Iceland is just as big as Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg together, but offers at least twice as much variety, a road trip is worthwhile. The best thing to do is rent a 4×4 right at the airport and explore the country on your own!

To make your trip through Iceland unforgettable, in this post you will find the best highlights that Iceland has to offer. Among other things, we reveal which sights are particularly worthwhile on your itinerary through Iceland and on which adventures you can lose yourself in the fascinating solitude of Icelandic nature.

Iceland Highlights: Our Top 5!

Relax in Seljavallalaug natural pool

A very special highlight awaits you in the south of Iceland: the Seljavallalaug natural pool. This small hidden bath has long been one of the insider tips among the sights of Iceland, because until a few years ago only locals strayed here. In the meantime, the outdoor pool is also attracting more and more tourists. It is best to set off early in the morning, then you will have the natural pool to yourself and can relax in the lukewarm water between the surrounding hills and waterfalls.

Iceland: natural pool
Is there a nicer bathtub than this one in the middle of Icelandic nature?

The most beautiful waterfall of all: Skogafoss

Iceland is not only the land of volcanoes, but also the land of waterfalls. A really beautiful waterfall is Skogafoss just off the ring road near the town of Vík. It’s not even the height of 60 meters that makes Skogafoss so impressive, but its width: After all, the water thunders down over a distance of 25 meters!

Iceland: Waterfall
The Skogafoss waterfall impresses above all with its enormous width …
Iceland: Waterfall
… but don’t get too close, otherwise you’ll quickly get wet.

Pure goosebumps: Abandoned plane wreck

In the middle of the black nothing is this extraordinary sight, which you can reach after a short hike. The plane wreck has been lying in the middle of a huge wasteland of black lava sand for over 40 years and gives you goosebumps in a completely different way. In fact, all occupants of the crash in November 1973 survived, although the cause of the accident is still unclear to this day – it is assumed that the fuel simply ran out.

Iceland: plane wreck
In the middle of the black nothing is the abandoned plane wreck from 1973.
Iceland: Plane wreck from the inside
It also offers spectacular views from the inside.

A canyon like on another planet

The Fjaðrárgljúfur Canyon is still one of the insider tips among the Iceland highlights. This huge gorge is best discovered by taking a short walk above the canyon, while at the end a gigantic waterfall plunges 100 meters down again. By the way: On the way to the canyon you will pass a moss-covered lava field called Eldhraun, a landscape that could just as well be on another planet.

Iceland: Gorge
A walk along the Fjaðrárgljúfur Gorge feels like you are on another planet.
Iceland: Waterfall in the gorge
And here, too, a beautiful waterfall awaits at the end, while the huge glacier Vatnajökull towers in the background.

Ice as far as the eye can see

At 8,100 square kilometers , Vatnajökull is Iceland’s largest glacier and really impressive. You have a wonderful view of it from the glacier lagoon Fjallsárlón. Just park your car at the small visitor center, walk up the hill and Iceland’s most beautiful glacier is in front of you. If you then follow the ring road a little further, you will reach the glacier lagoon Jökulsárlón. Here you absolutely have to go to the beach, because chunks of ice from the glacier are washed up on them – a really bizarre sight.

Iceland: Glacier
The Vatnajökull is probably not only Iceland’s largest, but also the most beautiful glacier.
Iceland: chunks of ice
The chunks of ice provide a whimsical contrast to the black sand beach.

Iceland highlights: the most unforgettable adventures

Kayaking in the wild Westfjords

A special adventure awaits you in the wild Westfjords while kayaking. You can discover the rugged coast from the water within a few hours or even several days – a really exciting perspective. You can expect lonely nature, high cliffs and lots of steaming springs on the shore. With a bit of luck, you might even see whales!

Sleep under the stars

The small island in northern Europe is not only fascinating during the day, but also at night. Since there are hardly any cities or larger settlements that could hide the night sky with electric lights, the starry sky shows its most breathtaking side here. And with a bit of luck you can observe Aurora Boreales – the Northern Lights – here, especially in the winter months: When the night sky turns green, purple and turquoise, you will definitely take your breath away.

Extra tip: In the Bubble Hotel, the night becomes an unforgettable adventure!

On horseback

Even if you don’t have much to do with horses at home, you should not miss a ride on an Icelandic horse during your Iceland trip. You don’t even need much riding experience for this, after all, Icelanders are naturally easy-going and very sociable horses. On a horseback riding tour lasting several hours , you will get to know the country from a completely different perspective. For even more freedom and adventure, you swing on horseback for several days and get to areas that you would never get to by car. There are many organizers for this .

Iceland: Horseback Riding Tour
Horseback riding is a completely different way to explore Iceland’s impressive landscape.


In the Westfjords, not only does kayaking provide unlimited thrills of adventure, but also snowshoeing . As soon as you strap on your snowshoes and set off on the hike, which can take up to five hours, everything else around you suddenly becomes unimportant. It’s all about you, the impressive landscape and the untouched snow cover that stretches endlessly in front of you – amazing!

Iceland – a single highlight

As soon as you land in Reykjavík and set foot on Icelandic soil for the first time, you will be captivated by the country. The breathtaking nature will captivate you with steaming holes in the ground, black sandy beaches and untouched solitude and will not let you go anytime soon. This special, mystical feeling of Iceland and the many unforgettable impressions and experiences are guaranteed to always have a place in your travel-addicted adventure heart.

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