You should leave all your worries and your shoes at home when you head to the beaches of the Seychelles with their wonderfully soft, white sand. Sun glasses, swimming trunks or bikini and a beach towel are sufficient. In case of doubt, you even save yourself the latter with constant summer temperatures all year round. Blogger Daniel takes you to the most beautiful beaches in the Seychelles.

This article is the continuation of Daniel’s contribution Seychelles tips away from the dream beaches .

The Seychelles are a paradise of white beaches. Sunscreen with a high sun protection factor is mandatory. A few rupees are recommended for refreshment at the small beach bar after emerging from the lukewarm waters of the Indian Ocean. The water is flat far out and in the crystal clear sea you can already see the colorful fish swimming near the beach – ideal conditions for snorkelers and divers. However, what you will look for in vain on the beaches in the Seychelles are parasols and sun loungers. The Minister of Tourism of the Seychelles, Alain St.Ange, personally ensures this with a strict ban: Pure nature, no chance for notorious sun lounger reservers. So pay attention, here are five of the best beaches in the Seychelles.

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Top 5: Beau Vallon on Mahé – water sports and beach promenade

There are already numerous great beaches on the main island of Mahé. In the northwest of Mahé, for example, is the beach of Beau Vallon, which may not quite correspond to the typical picture of a Seychelles beach, but is still beautiful. In addition, it has something that most other beaches in the Seychelles don’t have: a small town just behind the beach. Restaurants, hotels and small shops are waiting along a small promenade. You can also rent water sports equipment such as stand up paddle boards or jet skis.

The isolated vendors on the beach are unobtrusive and relaxed with fresh coconuts at bargain prices. The yellow, slightly riper coconut is available for the equivalent of around 3.50 euros. This has less copra, i.e. pulp, but more sweet coconut water. For around 5.30 euros you get a green coconut, with more liquid and pulp, delicious! With a fresh coconut in your hand you can enjoy the perfect sunset on the beach of Beau Vallon in the evening.

Sunset at Beau Vallon Mahe beach in Seychelles.
The entire width of the Beau Vallon beach.
In the Seychelles: A local man cracks open an orange coconut with a knife on Beau Vallon beach.
On the Beau Vallon beach.
The sun sets between palm trees at the Beau Vallon beach near Mahe in the Seychelles.
Sunset at Beau Vallon Beach on Mahé, the main island of the Seychelles.

Top 4: Beach Anse Takamaka on Mahé like from a postcard

On the beach of Anse Takamaka in the southwest of Mahé, the largest island in the Seychelles, it looks more like a postcard with the sender “paradise”. The snow-white sandy beach is a few hundred meters long, bordered only by the typical black granite rocks and dense vegetation. There are only a few other tourists here. The Creole restaurant Chez Batista is located directly on the beach Anse Takamaka , which also includes a guest house in a fantastic location. You could almost think it couldn’t be better.

View of Seychelles white dream beach Anse Takamaka.
Picture-perfect beach: Anse Takamaka.
The guest house and restaurant Chez Batista is located directly on the water at Anse Takamaka beach near Mahe in the Seychelles.
The Creole restaurant Chez Batista and its guest house.

Top 3: The beach at the Marine National Park on Curieuse

What would the Seychelles be without island hopping? The best way to get to Curieuse is on board a catamaran. This is the small neighboring island of Praslin, the second largest island in the Seychelles.
Curieuse is fully protected and in a sheltered bay in the east of the small islands, the gentle giants of the Seychelles, the giant tortoises, have their refuge.
To protect the rare animals, only a few visitors are allowed to stay on the beach near the breeding station for the giant tortoises and only if they have registered in advance and paid for the entrance fee. You can read more about the Seychelles giant tortoise and the National Park on Curieuse in my first post about the Seychelles.

A boat ships off Seychelles' Curieuse National Park.
Wonderful: bathing in the lukewarm water in front of the nature park on Curieuse.
Panoramic view over the beach from Curieuse Park.
It’s easy to endure here while the barbecue is sizzling in the background.

Top 2: Anse Lazio beach on Praslin

In the ranking of the world’s most beautiful beaches you will find Anse Lazio on Praslin. I just can’t disagree. This magical place cast a spell over me as soon as I arrived that I initially ignored the Creole buffet in the associated restaurant and guesthouse Le Chevalier . Understandable when you see something so beautiful, don’t you think?

The typical, grey-black granite rocks of the Seychelles form a fascinating contrast to the almost snow-white sand, the turquoise-blue sea, the mostly bright blue sky and the lush green of the vegetation. Again, there are hardly any other tourists and no noise. All you hear is the gentle murmur of the sea and the occasional rustling of the leaves in the wind.

The waves wash the sea water onto the beach of Anse Lazio in the Seychelles.
According to Tripadvisor the most beautiful beach in the Seychelles: Anse Lazio.
Between palm leaves and granite rocks, the view of the azure sea can be seen on Praslin beach.
Who wouldn’t want to hang up their hammock here and let their soul dangle?

Top 1: The dream beach Anse Source d’Argent on La Digue

As always, the best comes last: The dream beach Anse Source d’Argent on La Digue, for me personally clearly number one. Actually, you should put up a warning sign here at the latest: “Caution, this bombastic sight will be burned into your brain forever!” Of course, all beaches on the Seychelles are incomparably beautiful, clean and above all natural, but this sight finally gave me the rest .

Are you looking for the ultimate beach vacation? Then let me tell you that it hardly gets any better than in the Seychelles. I recommend at least one, but even better two weeks for a relaxed holiday there. You should definitely plan some time for island hopping and the “dream beaches Seychelles” for this holiday, because simple day trips are not enough in the Seychelles.

Two bicycles with baskets are leaning against a rock face on La Digue beach.
La Digue, the bicycle island.
Travelers Insight travel blog dream beaches Seychelles La Digue
The dream beach Anse Source D’Argent on La Digue – it doesn’t get any better.
Travelers Insight travel blog dream beaches Seychelles La Digue
The sight of the absolute dream beach from the water.

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