It's been long...

OpticalDot has been closed on 13st April 2021.

Why are you closing?

I have been running OpticalDot as a part-time business since 2014.

For the last few years, I have been struggling to maintain the on-time delivery of projects and dealing with customer support. I have always tried my best to offer services at the most affordable cost and prioritise customer satisfaction over anything. My interest has pivoted towards backend technologies, cloud, cybersecurity and some hobbies where I want to work on.

What about existing customers?

If you are existing customers, you can contact or message on Whatsapp (+92-3497492646). I can help you with the transfer of data.

Is there any chance OpticalDot will be back?

I pondered for months. The answer is NO!

How to reach you for any help?

I do regularly check Whatsapp and emails. My contact information mentioned on

Thank you for your support throughout the years.

Sincere Regards,
Muhammad Waseem

Good Bye!