Artificial Intelligence

AI systems have the unbelievable power of predicting the future, which, few years back was similar to someone saying today that, Time Machines do exist!

With the power of Artificial Intelligence, Optical Dot’s AI experts have provided a no. of innovative solutions to its customers as per their demand and continues to leave everyone awestruck by its revolutionary services. We have always followed our policy, which is;


AI Services

Here are few of the services that we have provided to our valuable customers so far


Weather Predictions

Optical Dot provided weather prediction service to one of our customer, which uses MATLAB software to make predictions for the next 24 hours. It can provide 24/7 predictions every hour, using the Thing speak cloud channel, along with its free mobile application.

Weather Predictions

Twitter Alerts for haphazard

Optical Dot provided Alert service to our customer that generated twitter alerts through cloud if in any case, there is a chance of severe weather like heat stroke or heavy rain.

Twitter Alerts

Fraud Detection in an account

Optical Dot provided fraud detection services to our customer, to recognize the suspicious behavior of the account holder through his activities, to let the authority keep a check of security.

Fraud Detection

Predictive analysis for Inventory

We provided predictive analytics services to our customer, which is intelligent enough to predict the inventory needs for the next month or even for an emergency need, for the business.

Predictive analysis

Web Scraping for any source

Our experts are capable to provide web scraping for any source, to boost your business.

Web Scraping

Data Cleaning/ Data Processing

Optical Dot’s advanced services enable data cleaning and data processing for large amount of data, to provide our customers leverage to use their tidy data for desired tasks.

Data Cleaning

& Counting..

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