Just leave the smartphone alone to switch off properly, at least on vacation: very few people can do that. Unless you stay in a Zen monastery for a week of digital detox and hand in your cell phone at the gate. Not only the temptation to post the photos of the cocktail on the dream beach on Instagram is great.

 The smartphone is also incredibly versatile and equipped with the right apps becomes a practical all-rounder. We introduce you to useful travel apps that you should definitely install for your trip.

Crumpled folding plans, thick travel guides and unwieldy dictionaries? It really doesn’t have to be anymore. With the best travel apps, your smartphone can make your life and backpack a lot easier when travelling. Curtain up on these really good, free and useful travel apps!

The classic for hotel booking as a travel app: Booking.com

If you’re wondering why, two years after booking a hotel in the Indian town of Mamallapuram, you’re still getting emails about “Deals in Mamallapuram” (it’s pretty, but you don’t necessarily travel there every two months), we agree big fan of booking.com. The well-known functions of the desktop version can also be found in the app, be it the filter functions or the map.

 Not only the transfer of the bookings to the smartphone calendar is practical with the booking.com app. In addition to an offline map, you receive a paperless booking confirmation that you can use to check in via the app; no internet or even a printer is required. The management and changes to bookings also work easily via the app.

Booking.com as a travel app is available for iOS and Android .

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Pack stress-free and forget nothing: the travel app Pack the Bag

lists? Actually we don’t like it at all. But on the last trips it happened again and again that we forgot something or we didn’t think that it could be important. So we took a closer look at a little helper: the Pack the Bag app. First plus: the 27 ready-to-use inventory lists, so you’re ready for any type of trip, be it hiking, festivals or vacationing with pets. Categories such as multimedia, means of payment or before departure are also very practical and save you a lot of thinking. 

In addition to maintaining the inventory lists, you can create your own packing list. The question is whether you actually need functions such as sorting the items to be packed by storage location. In any case, the memories are useful that you should finally start packing, and the filters that you can use to see what has already been packed. Another good thing about the travel app: record the weight of the items once and experience no more surprises at the airport.

Pack the Bag is currently only available for iOS , Android users can switch to the Pack Point app .

All important documents in one place: Dropbox

Gone are the days of storing copies of plane tickets, passports and other important documents in different pieces of luggage. We no longer send such documents to our own accounts by email, but store them in the cloud, mostly in Dropbox. Photos can also be stored here temporarily. In theory, you have access to your data anywhere and anytime in the cloud,

but unfortunately you need an internet connection for Dropbox. The folders can only be made available offline in the payment version. If you need more free storage than Dropbox (2GB), Google Drive (15GB) and OneDrive (5GB) have it.

Dropbox is available for iOS on iTunes and for Android on the Playstore .

Safety first: The travel app from the Federal Foreign Office

Depending on the holiday destination, we very quickly end up on the website of the Federal Foreign Office when planning our trip to find out about entry regulations and security situations. We find the Foreign Office app to be very useful, especially if you are already on the road. Because in addition to “Travel preparations” and “My travel country” there is the category

“What to do in an emergency” with all the important addresses and a location and message function (“Where am I” and “I’m OK”), with which you can find friends and relatives can inform. Countries for which there is a security warning are marked in red. The good thing: Many functions can be used offline. However, you should always check the safety instructions online. The app will remind you.

The travel app is available for iOS and Android .

Look at the travel app of the Federal Foreign Office.
The app from the Federal Foreign Office offers tips for safe travel. Image: © Federal Foreign Office via iTunes


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