Aladdin Movie Review

Aladdin is a musical fairy tale movie coming out in 2019. It was written by Guy Ritchie and John August. It is a live-action version of Disney’s 1992 cartoon movie of the same name. That movie was based on the Middle Eastern folktale of the same name from One Thousand and One Nights. Will Smith, Mena Massoud, Naomi Scott, Marwan Kenzari, Navid Negahban, Nasim Pedrad, Billy Magnussen, and Naomi Scott are all in the movie. Continue reading the Aladdin movie review to learn more about the film.



In terms of the story, the live-action Aladdin is mostly the same as Disney’s cartoon version. But in this new version, director Guy Ritchie and co-writer John August, who often works with Tim Burton, make some changes that make the first act go faster and work better. After the “Arabian Nights” musical opening, the movie goes right to Aladdin (Mena Massoud) meeting Princess Jasmine (Naomi Scott) in costume on the streets of Agrabah. Princess Jasmine is then added to the “One Jump Ahead” song. This way, the remake can present Aladdin’s life as a thief in the same fun way as the cartoon movie, but it can also jump right into Aladdin and Jasmine’s relationship and show how they are connected. Overall, it makes for a story that is surprisingly simple.


Throughout the film, each character had great chemistry. The first are Jasmine and Aladdin. One of the finest aspects was how both characters spent time together, having charming chats that helped grow their friendship throughout the pelispedia film. Both characters discussed their mothers towards the opening of the film since Jasmine’s mother had died and Aladdin had been parentless his whole life. Then there’s Aladdin and the Genie! The crowd laughed for the majority of their moments together since it was pure comedy! In this rendition, you could tell their bond was exceptional, and it demonstrated the depth of their connection. 


The music in this movie was also great, and it was amazing to see that none of the singing was clearly autotuned. All of the famous songs, like “Prince Ali,” “One Jump Ahead,” “Friend Like Me,” and “A Whole New World,” got their due. As a movie musical, the plot and each scene made sense, and the change from talking to singing went smoothly. The most noticeable thing about the singing number was Jasmine’s new song, “Speechless.” Alan Menken and Tim Rice wrote the music for this song. Benj Pasek and Justin Paul wrote the lyrics. At first, this pop song might not seem to fit into the story, but when you watch the scene and see where Princess Jasmine is, it all makes sense. This song shows that Jasmine can sing and that she can run Agrabah without a man.

Final Word

You will know the music from Aladdin, plus there is one new piece. “Speechless” is a song that all girls and women can sing along to. It’s a lesson that we can speak up and have an opinion. And Naomi Scott gives the song strength and passion. It’s a song you’ll remember long after the movie ends.

Aladdin is a great movie for the whole family. You will laugh the whole time and want Jasmine and Aladdin to win. It has just the right amount of excitement, fun, and romance between two well-written and cast characters. Plus, Genie and Dalia fall in love, which is an added treat. The funny things these two say to each other will make you smile.

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